• Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Encourages Exploration of Ownership for NHRMC

    Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Encourages Exploration of Ownership for NHRMC

    The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee passed a resolution encouraging the New Hanover County Commission to explore whether a new ownership structure for New Hanover Regional Medical Center is right for the future of health care in the Cape Fear region. The Committee, consisting of Board Officers, unanimously approved the resolution during a meeting on August 8.

    “As business leaders, the Executive Committee understands the need to explore all available options in order to adequately plan for the future of the hospital impacting future generations to come,” said John Elliott, Chairman of the Wilmington Chamber Board of Directors. “A strong hospital system allows our business community to feel confident that their employees’ health will be taken care of.”

    Resolutions from the chamber are passed by utilizing input from internal committees prior to an Executive Committee or Board vote. Resolutions are presented to the Public Policy, African American Business Council, or Talent & Workforce Committees depending on the subject matter. Upon feedback from the initial committee, the resolution is then taken to the Board for a vote.

    Consideration of key priorities such as improving access, value, and quality of care; taking care of everyone regardless of ability to pay; achieving health equity; increasing the level and scope of care; and, ensuring the long-term financial security of the New Hanover County health system are all priorities of the chamber within this resolution.

    “In order for our community to thrive, it must remain healthy in every way – from the health of our citizens to the health of our economy,” said Natalie English, President & CEO of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce. “It is critical to explore options for our hospital system, while at the same time, maintaining the same quality of healthcare we have become accustomed to in this region.”

    The chamber is not using this resolution as an endorsement to sell, rather, an endorsement to “ask the question” during the county commissioners meeting on September 3.