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  • In the spring of 2020, The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, Cape Fear Collective, and RTI International partnered to survey a minimum of 500 businesses across all industries in southeastern North Carolina to raise awareness and identify the areas of highest growth and skills needed in the Cape Fear region. The survey was comprehensive and applied to a wide range of industry sectors such as:

    • Construction and skilled trades
    • Life sciences and bioscience
    • Healthcare and social assistance
    • IT, software, and analytics
    • Energy, utilities, and cleantech
    • Logistics, transportation, and warehousing
    • Manufacturing
    • Professional and technical services
    • Public sector and education
    • Restaurant, hospitality services, and tourism


    In partnership with RTI International, who conducted the survey, the goal was to create a database of information that could help inform and prepare local workforce ecosystem partners. The survey had several objectives which are listed below:

    • Understand both short and long-term hiring needs
    • Inform training and education providers of the current workforce needs
    • Provide current workforce information for policymakers in the workforce, education, and economic development
    • Develop an effective cradle-to-career talent pipeline
    • Create an efficient structure for ongoing industry feedback



    We are pleased to invite you to join Cape Fear Collective and the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce on September 1 to discuss the results of the Cape Fear Talent survey. With almost 500 regional employers surveyed, the presentation will include information on the skills, training, and education needed by regional employers for current and future job openings. The data will be used to inform economic recovery and shared with education and training providers for targeted improvements in the regional talent pipeline.

    The economic impact of COVID-19 will be felt for years to come but, according to the regional Cape Fear Talent survey, employers are still hiring. Over 55% of employers surveyed since mid-March indicated their businesses would grow over the next three years adding between 9,600 and 17,500 new jobs to our region.

    Join us virtually on September 1 to hear about the skills, education, and training employers need from our regional talent pool to fill these jobs.


  • Partners


    African-American Business Council (AABC)

    Brunswick Business & Industry Development

    Columbus Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

    Genesis Block

    Greater Wilmington Business Journal

    Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce

    Network for Entrepreneurs in Wilmington (NEW)

    North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce

    Wilmington Business Development


    Cape Fear Workforce Development Board

    RTI International

    Construction & Skilled Trades

    Monteith Construction

    Healthcare & Social Assistance

    New Hanover Regional Medical Center

    IT, Software & Analytics

    Coding on CryptoRoad

    Live Oak Bank


    Energy, Utilities & Cleantech

    Duke Energy

    Public Sector & Nonprofit

    Cape Fear Collective

    District C

    North Carolina Business Committee for Education

    StepUp Wilmington

    The Honor Foundation


    Wilmington and Beaches Convention & Visitors Bureau


    Brunswick Community College

    Cape Fear Community College

    Columbus County Schools

    New Hanover County Schools

    University of North Carolina at Wilmington

    UNCW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship