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  • The Wilmington Chamber's vision is to position our community for prosperity by cultivating business growth. We are dedicated to supporting our members through business advocacy, leadership development, building business connections, and savings opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes.

    The Chamber provides opportunities for collaboration among businesses and organizations. We educate and attract world-class talent and infuse high-impact start-ups with what they need to grow and strengthen our economy to improve business conditions in southeastern North Carolina. We advocate for public policies that allow area businesses to succeed at the local, state, and federal levels. And our highly successful leadership programs are helping shape the region's future by informing and preparing individuals for leadership roles.


    Location matters when starting your business, and the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce is focused on building a strong foundation for small businesses in our community. New Hanover County's ecosystem has everything an entrepreneur would need to succeed – willing investors, incubators and accelerators, business school involvement, a favorable business climate, and entrepreneurial networks. 

    At the Wilmington Chamber, we understand the significant role small businesses play in improving the economic vitality of our community. Limited resources, new customer segments, and shifting business goals require entrepreneurs and business owners to think on their feet and change how your run your business as it grows. Our team brings a long-term, systematic approach to building relationships with our small business leaders so we can better understand your challenges and opportunities and work hard to eliminate your unique business obstacles. 

    If you would like to connect with us, please reach out to our Vice President of Small Business Development & Retention, Josh Hallingse at hallingse@wilmingtonchamber.org. We're ready to learn more about your specific business, industry, issues, and opportunities. We're excited to hear from you.


    Chamber Connections and Wake Up Wilmington are monthly referral networking events designed to help you build relationships, support your professional development, and develop leads for your business. This is a member benefit and has no additional cost to attend. This event is not open to nonmembers.
    When the event begins, you’ll have a minute to share your name, your business, how you service clients, and any immediate needs you have for your business.
    You’ll hear updates on chamber news and listen to a short presentation from our sponsor.
    At the end of our event, attendees will have an opportunity to share any Leads that will help each other service the current Needs of your businesses. 


    Visit our Event Calendar to learn more.


    The vision of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce's African American Business Council is to strategically position black businesses for inclusion and success through opportunity, education, exposure, entrepreneurship, economic development, and public policy advocacy. We are committed to leading, educating, and advocating to grow African American-owned businesses and create and grow a thriving African American middle class in Wilmington.

    Join today to build connections and address policy issues for Black-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Cape Fear region. To learn more, visit our African American Business Council page or our Events Calendar to learn more about upcoming meetings.

    The vision of the Latin American Business Council is to promote economic opportunity and access for all Latino Businesses in our region. The council advocates for equal access to all the economic and public policy resources that allow for the financial growth and success of the Latino community in southeastern North Carolina. The council is also focused on empowering future generations of Latino professionals and increasing the influence of our growing Latino middle class. The Latin American Business Council leads the consolidation of an international coalition and brings exposure to our proud and growing community with all its strengths and cultural diversity.

    Join today to build connections and address policy issues for Latino-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Cape Fear region. Visit our Latin American Business Council page or our Events Calendar to learn more about upcoming events.

    Intentional Collisions is an after-hours networking event hosted by the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce in partnership with our minority business councils with the goal of bringing people together who may not interact in everyday life. Attendees can expect to be "intentionally collided" during a fun evening of connecting and building relationships. Food and drinks will be provided, so registration is required.


    Visit our Event Calendar to learn more.


    The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce has been presenting the Leadership Wilmington program for 37 years with over 750 graduates. Existing leaders, budding community leaders, and volunteers are encouraged to apply for this elite program.

    For one day a month for eight months, participants get an in-depth view of community issues, develop skills necessary to assume leadership roles, and are exposed to community involvement opportunities. Sessions include History/Arts/Culture; Health and Human Services; Public Education; Justice; Environment; Government; Business, and Infrastructure.

    Leadership Wilmington allows class members to grow professionally and meet key community leaders. You will also work with your class to organize Work on Wilmington, the community’s largest one-day volunteer service day. Work on Wilmington brings people together to roll up their sleeves and tackle non-profit improvement projects in just four hours.


    Leadership Wilmington Details & Application