• Career and Leadership Development Academy

  • The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce's Career and Leadership Development Academy is a collaboration with New Hanover County Schools to provide middle school students an opportunity to acquire career, leadership, and education pathway knowledge throughout the eight-month program. Students will visit sponsor sites once per month over eight months. The program is free for students and includes meals, transportation, and all program materials. Students explore local career clusters and potential career pathways and occupations, including job prospects, pay, projected job growth, and the educational attainment required for each occupation. The program will build leadership skills and highlight employability skills needed for today's workforce. While in the program, students will identify their top career cluster, experience jobs in a variety of career and technology fields, and present their research to their peers.




    If you are interested in partnering with us to sponsor this Leadership Development program or hosting our students on-site at your employer, please contact Laura Brogdon-Primavera at primavera@wilmingtonchamber.org.