• Women Business Owners Council

  • To further empower and uplift women business owners in southeastern North Carolina, the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to introduce the Women Business Owners Council. This initiative has been a significant goal of our 2023 Board Chair, Stephanie Lanier, who is dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs. We are excited to have the expertise and leadership of our volunteer co-chairs, Erin Keller of Turn Key Lifestyle and Brooke Skipper of Salt Air Heating and Cooling, to assist us in this endeavor.

    The vision of the Women Business Owners Council is to foster an inclusive community that empowers, educates, and propels women entrepreneurs forward. Our goal is to create programs that offer valuable learning opportunities and encourage the exchange of expertise among women business owners. By addressing the unique challenges faced by women in business, we aim to advance female entrepreneurs and stimulate economic growth. With the expertise and influence of the Wilmington Chamber team, we are well-equipped to advocate for policies and investments that support the growth of all businesses, particularly those owned by women.

    Membership in this council is exclusively open to women business owners who are current members of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce. Invitations will be extended upon completion of the interest questionnaire.

    It's important to note that the Women Business Owners Council is not intended as a start-up support group, networking platform, mentorship program, or solicitation opportunity. Our community already boasts exceptional resources in those areas, and our council aims to complement and enhance these existing spaces. We encourage all women business owners to join us on this exciting journey as we work together to create a thriving and supportive business environment in southeastern North Carolina.

    2024 Meeting Schedule:

    March 11, 10-11:30am
    June 10, 10-11:30am
    September 9, 10-11:30am
    December 9, 10-11:30am
    December 11, 5:30-7:30pm - Council Year in Review Celebration

  • erin-headshot.jpeg
  • Erin Barbee Keller
    Women Business Owners Council
    Owner, Turn Key Lifestyle
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  • Brooke Skipper
    Vice CHAIR,
    Women Business Owners Council
    Owner, Salt Air Heating & Cooling