• Wilmington NC Has Fastest Commute Time in NC

    Commuting time is one of the biggest factors that determines where people live. The average commute time in North Carolina for cities with a population of 60,000+ is 24.4, up 0.5% from the latest Census Bureau data. The Census Bureau has released the latest estimates from the American Community Survey for all cities in North Carolina.

    The 6 North Carolina cities with the fastest commute times are:

    #1 Wilmington, NC, Previously unranked, 19.1 minutes
    #2 Greensboro, NC, Previously unranked, 19.8 minutes
    #3 Winston-Salem, NC, Previously #2, 20.4 minutes
    #4 Raleigh, NC, Previously #5, 23.2 minutes
    #5 Durham, NC, Previously #3 at 23.8 minutes
    #6 Charlotte, NC, Previously 25.5 minutes

    This year saw several changes. Wilmington, NC  and Greensboro, NC ranked for the first time; Winston-Salem, NC fell from #2 to #3; Raleigh, NC rose from #5 to #4; and Durham, NC fell from #3 to #5.  Durham saw the biggest percentage increase in average travel time to work at 5.6%, and Winston-Salem, NC saw the largest percentage decrease at -3.5%. Information for this post compiled by Homearea.com.