• Wilmington Chamber Supports Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina

    Wilmington, NC – The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce has joined Chambers of Commerce and business associations across North Carolina in their support of Medicaid expansion this week. The Wilmington Chamber, along with the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, The Chamber, Leading Business in Cabarrus, Cary Chamber, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, Greater Durham Chamber, and Raleigh Chamber supports expansion to close the health insurance gap for approximately 600,000 uninsured individuals throughout North Carolina.
    As the Wilmington Chamber advocates for a healthy workforce and strong economy in southeastern North Carolina, the organization sees increasing health coverage to nearly 30,830 residents in New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender, Columbus, and Bladen counties as a positive that will lead to more labor force participation and worker productivity, as covered individuals are more likely to seek preventative care, testing, medication, and mental-health services, leading to reduced rates of absenteeism. The Wilmington Chamber sees managing a healthy workforce that has options to access affordable health insurance and affordable health care as critical to expanding North Carolina’s economy.
    Additionally, the over $1 billion federal incentive for the state to expand healthcare access makes expansion a fiscally responsible decision that the state’s leaders should accept. Medicaid expansion is projected to drive $2.9 billion in new business and health care activity in North Carolina and add 80,000-90,000 new jobs statewide.
    “We thank our partners across the state and our elected officials who have already taken action to expand coverage and urge swift action from the General Assembly to help us achieve this goal,” said Wilmington Chamber president & CEO, Natalie English.