• The Branding Guide for New Small Business Owners

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    It’s no secret that branding is essential in the eyes of potential customers. It can be hard to get your first business off the ground without the financial resources to hire an expensive branding expert, but if you put in the legwork and plan things out carefully, you can achieve an effective brand for your small business on your own.

    What Is Branding?

    Business branding is all about building a positive image and perception among consumers. There are a few ways you can do this, such as designing a logo or website and having a social media presence. In short, brand development includes whatever it takes to make your company memorable to your target market.

    Branding Affects Consumer Experience

    When you begin a new business, you’ll probably focus on your service or product — what it is, how it works, why someone should buy it. Branding affects your consumer experience, it creates emotional connections with consumers and encourages brand loyalty. When you start working with branding and marketing professionals, do so to help ensure everything from name and logo to social media presence comes together cohesively. A strong brand identity will be one of your best assets as an entrepreneur.

    Reach Your Target Market

    Begin by researching your audience. Find out what industries they’re in, what social media platforms they use, and what websites they frequent. Knowing these things can help shape your brand. If you’re wondering how to reach your target market without breaking the bank, research profiles on social media platforms. Researching will give you insight into who they are, what kind of content they share, and what kind of messaging resonates with them. You can also look at which other brands they follow to get an idea of your competition.

    Budget Time and Resources

    Once you have your business plan, assess if you need a logo, website, or business cards first before going ahead. If you don’t feel one of these elements is critical to your success at this stage, skip it until you do. A good logo design should be simple, memorable, and convey your business niche.

    Marketing and Design Work

    Decide your budget for marketing and design. Do you have a creative vision for how you want your marketing materials to look, or do you want a professional designer to take charge so you can focus on running your business? When should you start working with a professional designer, and how much should you expect to pay? If you're on a budget, consider free online solutions you can use to create logos yourself.

    If you need to make any last minute changes convert from PDF to Word. This way you can make adjustments befores sending the file.

    Be Memorable and Direct 

    Your first step in building a brand for your new business is to define your audience; then, construct a story in a way that is memorable and speaks directly to your target market.

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