• Sankofa Training & Wellness Institute


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    About Us

    Sankofa is a popular African word from the Akan tribe in Ghana. The word is translated as, “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.” So, in other words, we say “go back and get it”. The symbol is based off of a mythical bird with its feet planted firmly and facing forward, yet the head is turned backwards with what is perceived as an egg or seed in its mouth as if it is returning or planting.

    It is our belief that when we learn more, then we should share that knowledge, and apply that knowledge, to help those left behind. Those people may be our family, friends, former co-workers, church members, our community and more.

    Our mission is to provide effective, high quality training services and education to medical professionals and to the community. Our focus is on attracting, educating, training, and employing African-Americans and other minority talent.

    Our vision is to bring more diversity in the medical profession and help to bridge the gap between healthcare and the community. We are also charged with educating more people in our community on healthcare needs, of various age groups, and specifically of African-American descent, in our community by using a holistic, authentic, and unique approach.