• $200 OFF Short Form Video Services

    Offer Valid: 02/01/2022 - 02/03/2032
    Tik Tok is the most popular website in the world. Is your business utilizing short form video content?
    Did you know that Tik Tok just surpassed Google as the most popular (most visited) website in the world? Video is the best and highest performing form of content. With video you can be engaging, funny, inspirational, and informative. As our number of clients who specifically want Tik Tok video content grows, we wanted to offer Chamber Members this exclusive deal. 

    Tik Tok Short Form Video Package - Monthly

    - Trend Research

    - Content Brainstorming

    - Video Production

    - Video Editing

    - Posting to Tik Tok (Instagram, and YouTube too if desired)

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